Social Work Care Plan Manual: Person-Centered

The only social work care planning book available for Adult Day Services is now available in a Person-Centered Care (PCC) version, featuring 30 care plans, covering the most common social work problems seen in the Adult Day setting.  This manual has been updated to ensure the most current clinical and person-centered care standards.  It is easy to read and understand.  This manual supports the social work staff to quickly and simply develop individualized, person-centered care plans for all participants.  It is difficult if not impossible to try to adapt care plans intended for another setting, such as skilled nursing facilities or hospitals; this manual was developed by those in the Adult Day Services sector, and specifically for the Adult Day Services.

124 pages


  • Introductory chapter explains fundamental concepts of person-centered care planning in the Adult Day Center, components of a care plan and how to ensure the care plan is individualized and useful.
  • Each care plan includes multiple choices for the problem statement, goal statement and interventions, supporting the staff to develop the most individualized care plan possible.

Each care plan includes a “best practices” example care plan to guide the social work staff in the development of an appropriate and understandable care plan.


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