Webinar - Dementia and Veterans

The veteran population within the Adult Day Services network presents a unique set of challenges that are often overlooked. Regularly, trauma responses remain present in combat veterans well into late stage dementia. Clients will rely on staff to identify and assist in the mitigation of these symptoms. Within the next decade there will be more veterans over the age of 65 than under the age of 65 and the VA continues to refer more and more veterans outside of its healthcare infrastructure. This presentation will cover the following:


  • Understanding the increased risk of dementia in the veteran population.
  • Correlations between PTSD, TBI, and Dementia.
  • Why are veterans at a higher risk?
  • Risk factors and Protective factors.
  • How to identify trauma responses in veteran clients with dementia.
  • Methods for successful solutions.

About the presenter: Matthew Thomason is a practicum student at Peggy’s Place Adult Life Center in New Albany, IN. He will graduate this spring with his BSW from Campbellsville University. With a focus in PTSD treatment and advocacy for veterans, Matthew has applied his abilities to successfully lead a push to improve the quality of care for the 90% veteran population at Peggy’s Place Adult Life Center. Matthew served 10 years in the Army as a Noncommissioned Officer with one tour of duty in Afghanistan as an Infantryman. Matthew served as the NCOIC of the health, welfare, and morale program while deployed in Afghanistan. Suffering from PTSD and mTBI himself, Matthew has continued to voluntarily advocate on behalf of veterans applying for disability benefits and assisting in navigation through the complexity of the VA healthcare system. As a new social worker, Matthew hopes to continue his education and work to change the quality of care for our nation’s heroes.

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