Conference Sessions Package #3

(1) Infection Control and Center Safety Practices
Dr. Vanessa Tatum, MD, Administrator & Staff Physician, Helping Hands for Better Living CBAS & ADHC

Vanessa Tatum, M.D. will discuss the evolving understanding about the novel coronavirus, including transmission, COVID-19 symptomatology, and the latest advice on infection control. Whether or not you are currently or plan to provide essential in-center or in-home services, keeping up to date on the latest science and recommendations regarding the pandemic and COVID-19 is critical to your goal of keeping participants, caregivers and your staff safe and healthy. She will discuss what to listen and watch for as you conduct your weekly calls, what to do if you suspect an infection, and answer your questions about surface cleaning, face coverings, PPE, testing and more. This is a MUST ATTEND webinar for all staff.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognizing and understanding the symptoms of COVID-19;
  • How to protect yourself and others;
  • Coping with COVID-19 restrictions and requirements in Center operations; and
  • How to clean, what to clean and what to use.

(2) Transportation Challenges & Business Opportunities in the Era of COVID–19
John Paravisini, Director of Transportation, Active Day

This deep-dive session will focus on the transportation component and related challenges for Adult Day in addition to key areas of Operational Excellence: expense control and management; high customer satisfaction ratings; and, business growth.

Learning Objectives:

  • The challenges in adapting to COVID-19 requirements and suggested solutions;
  • Key areas an Adult Day Center Manager or Transportation Supervisor needs in order to provide a first-rate, cost-effective transportation service;
  • Ways to capitalize on business opportunities;
  • “How-to” guide for the successful operation of a transportation service at an Adult Day Services program
  • Vehicle Best Practices: Procurement of vehicles – both new and used – from reputable vendors; how to determine the vehicle type to best fit the operation; and the importance of a solid preventative maintenance program and retrofitting, sanitizing and COVID-19 safety precautions for clients and drivers;
  • Drivers: the profile for a successful driver and best practices for recruitment and retention; and,
  • Routing and Marketing: Through a case study illustration, we will show the operator how to juggle routing and marketing to achieve growth in their business.
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